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August 18th 2015

BioFox Games has been inactive for awhile now, so I figured I would post an update. We are closing the site for any new content barring a possible add on for Revenge. There may be some character and map updates for Revenge in the near future. However, Revenge 2 is no longer being developed. Also, I've closed the forums to any new registration and restricted all users from posting. I did this because there were a lot of bots posting on the forums. Feel free to browse our catalog of games and contact kevin at biofoxgames dot com if you have an inquiries.

Hiatus Has Ended

September 1st 2011

Some of you may be surprised to see an update on this site after two years. Alright, so most of you are, but don't rub your eyes too hard because BioFox Games is back for business! For reals, man. We took some time to go get schooled at college and redefined our perspectives. Anthony B and I have finally decided to finish what we started. Yes, Revenge 2 is back in production. What you see on the game's page now is nothing like what we are currently working on. The controls, gameplay, weapons, and everything are totally new. So while I won't be revealing anything about the game, I will hint at a beta. We're notorious about missing release dates (has the summer of 2009 come yet??) but Revenge 2 is functioning at the same level as it was with the old Beta 2. The difference being that the way the player interacts in the game is significantly improved. Expect to see some minor updates around the site as we gear back into our game making groove and keep an eye out of more info on Revenge 2.

Happy Birthday BioFox

April 3rd 2009

It's hard to believe we're celebrating the three year anniversary of BioFox Games, but another year has gone by. Seems like only yesterday we were making bad text adventures and dreaming of 3D games. Revenge 2 has finally hit the 50% mark, so today the Beta 2 version of Revenge is ready for you to try on the game's page, as well as many new screenshots revealing parts of the GUI. If you frequent the Game Creators forums there is also a WIP thread that we've created to get the word out about Revenge 2. On top of all that, we put together a few desktops in honor of our three years in the indie gaming business. So enjoy the latest version of Revenge 2 and all the new goodies!

We Don't Forget Our Roots

March 28th 2009

We've unveiled the final weapon — the Powerhouse Chainsaw. This is the only weapon which doesn't fire bullets. Instead, it is a close range weapon. It shines in tight hallways and dead ends. Follow it up with well-timed secondary fire to eviscerate your enemies. If you're close enough to your enemy when you press the right mouse button, the chainsaw will start and hook your enemy — cutting them in half!

The Powerhouse Chainsaw isn't the first. We included a chainsaw in Revenge. However, the Powerhouse Chainsaw is more of a throwback to DOOM. We loved the way DOOM made us jump with just the right amount of action, suspense, and surprise, so we've done our best to emulate the feeling. Those of you who played Revenge will notice remakes of the classic maps and music. We're doing our best to combine the best parts of the old game with the improvements of the new. Over the next few weeks, we'll be revealing various features of Revenge 2 which will make it rock like it's 1984!

Get Down... Sniper!!

March 19th 2009

The newest addition to the Revenge 2 arsenal is the Iron Eagle sniper. It is easily the most powerful gun in the game if used correctly and the only gun that can kill a opponent across the map. You can read up on this awesome gun on the game's page.

We had a bit of a slow week due to staff illness, but hopefully next week's update will include more content. We should have some more screen shots of the sniper and chainsaw in action. We'll also be finishing two more game modes (more information on these less mentioned modes in the coming weeks) and game settings. These settings, which will be easy to customize, will make Revenge 2 a more full game than its predecessor.

Revenge 2 Is King

March 12th 2009

There is lots of progress being made on Revenge 2, including the newly included Gibbmaster II (or chaingun) and the King of the Hill game mode. King of the Hill mode is playable as either a free for all or as a team game. Of course, teams who have multiple players in the hill get extra points. Justin has also begun making the various images like muzzle flashes and bullet holes that will be used in the game, and is doing an excellent job. As we near the 50% mark for Revenge 2, it's good to note that, media aside, two game modes, two models, the LAN profiles, and in-game effects are basically what is left for this game. Make sure to check out a screen shot of King of the Hill and the chaingun as well as the Gibbmaster II's information.

Red Team Has the Flag!

March 5th 2009

Capture the Flag is officially implemented in Revenge 2 and is the first mode that is new to the series. Teams can steal each other's flags, attack with them, drop them if they want, and then score only if their flag is at their base. Another huge change to the game is the weapons system. Originally, Revenge allowed you to carry all of the guns you could pick up. Now, however, there is a slot system in which two guns in addition to the handgun can carried. By pressing shift you can cycle through the slots and if you have a gun you don't want than ctrl drops it. The MP70 (the SMG) and a screen shot of CTF have been added to Revenge 2 page.

Lots of Content

February 26th 2009

Since the release of Beta 1 we have completed a lot of the modeling Revenge 2 requires. Over the weekend the four power ups (Revenge, Invisibility, Swiftfoot, and Kevlar) were added as well as the Shotgun. Now we've added the Double-Barreled Shotgun to the list and soon will add the SMG. On the coding side of things, both Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch have been completed in terms of functionality. Players can join teams, spawn at team spawn areas, and kill opponents. Also, games end when the frag limit is reached and the final rankings are shown on the screen. Next on the to-do list is chatting during the game and the game modes CTF and King of the Hill, plus a few more gun models.

Revenge 2 Beta 1

February 21st 2009

Over the last week we have been testing Revenge 2's multiplayer with much success. We are happy to announce that it is able to handle at least six players, although eight is a possibility after more testing. Both the handgun and shotgun models are completed and in the game, and the handgun is showcased on the Revenge 2 page under weapons. Also, we have the first finished map which is called Bunker; a remake of the famous Dumbbell map from the original Revenge. Finally, a liitle over a month after we came back from hiatus Revenge 2 Beta 1 is ready for testing. Check out the game's page for gameplay details, beta download, and more!

Closer to Beta 1

February 15th 2009

A bunch of bugs have been squashed and features have been added as Revenge 2 nears Beta 1. Testing is being done to make multiplayer as quick and stable as possible. Playing with four players works, but we may increase this number to as many as eight. If all goes as planned than you should expect Beta 1 to be out for testing next week, if not sooner. On a related note, we will begin revealing the weapons, maps, and details of the game on the Revenge 2 page next week. There are lots of new additions to this game that we cannot wait to share!

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